Monday, November 23, 2009

U.S. Gov. refuses to Honor Checks & Balances

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U.S. Government refuses to Honor the Checks & Balances to cover-up Corruption

All Branches of U.S. government refused to recognize the Plaintiff, Jesha Miller, who petitioned using the Checks & Balances due to abuse of power & help Democracy work by protecting American freedom. This petition was scheduled for November 20, 2009 but all Branches of government refused to Honor the checks & balances which is written into the Constitution to limit the powers of government, and protect the natural rights of the people. One law in the system of Checks & Balances is the Law that allows citizens to challenge any law that they fell is unjust, prevents one part of government from abusing its power, protect the right to freedom, & if they use their power to do something that is illegal they will be found accountable for it. One example of the use of checks & balances was when President Nixon abused powers by illegally tapping the Democratic National headquarters. The President abused his power & congress caused him to resign. This petition exposes abuse of power in the Judicial Branch denying a Habeas Corpus which is a power denied government to release a citizen who is held in violation of the Constitution & laws of the U.S., exposes government violating the 13th, Amendment which abolished slavery, & the 14th Amendments due process which holds government to the rule of law. Because it exposes political corruption, they have refused to recognize the Checks & Balances or honor the Constitution & its Bill of Rights which are guaranteed.
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Respectfully Submitted- Jesha Miller
Date: November 23, 2009
Media are requested to send a coverage team to inform the public of government corruption or publish the press release immediately. Excuses are a rebellious expression seeking release from obligation or responsibility to inform the public of government corruption which threatens "we the peoples right to freedom."

To: Executive Branch- Chief Executive- Barack Obama
Judicial Branch- U. S. Supreme Court
Legislative Branch- Speaker of the House- Nancy Pelosi
Head of the Senate- Vice President -Joseph Biden
Clerk of the House- Lorraine C. Miller- Set Special Session Nov. 20, 2009 *
U.S. Senate Clerk-Nancy Erickson
Re: Petitioning the Checks & Balances to protect American Freedom , check the actions of other branches & Article 6, the Supremacy Law that every President, judge, member of Congress, as well as other government officials, must swear to obey the Constitution. { Special Session to confront Checks & Balances November 20, 2009.}

( The Judicial Branch )

The checks & balances are now used to help Democracy work by protecting American freedom.
The Petitioned, Jesha Miller, had his freedom taken by officials in violation of Title 18, sec. 243, of the Constitution & Laws of the U.S., violating the 4th, 5th, 6th, 9th, 13th, &14th, Amendments of the Constitution in U.S. Supreme Court case No. 04-7477 where a Habeas Corpus was filed for his immediate release. The U.S. Supreme Court refused to hear the case & left the Petitioner illegally imprisoned.
When a man is brought by Habeas Corpus to the Court & upon re-torn of it, it appears to the Court that was against law imprisoned & detained, he shall (meaning must) never be by the Act of the Court remanded to his unlawful imprisonment, for then the court should do an Act of Injustice in imprisoning him, de nova, against law. Thus Mr. Justice Stone wrote for the Court that the use of the writ as an incident of the Federal Judicial power is implicitly recognized by Article I, sec. 9, Cl.2 of the Constitution. Supreme Court judges only hear cases that pertain to the issues related to the Constitution so the U.S. Supreme court broke the rules by refusing to hear the case & government must always account for the restraint of a citizen. When a Federal Judge is addressed by Habeas Corpus, as was former Justice Sandra Day O' Connor & John Paul Steven, it is their duty, to be alert to examine the facts for him or herself, when if true as alleged, they make the trial absolutely VOID, reverse the conviction & discharge the petitioner from the illegal restraint. Because they refused, this is dereliction of duty by the Supreme Court Justices & an abuse of power denied government under Article I, sec. 9, of the Constitution. POWERS DENIED GOVERNMENT- The privilege of the writ of Habeas Corpus shall not be suspended, unless when in Cases of Rebellion or invasion the public Safety may require it. There was no rebellion or invasion so the Supreme Court abused a power denied government & denied my right to freedom. Its purpose is to gain speedy release from restraint in violation of the Constitution & Laws of the U.S. The actions of the U.S. Supreme Court denied my right to freedom, abused a power denied government, & refused to protect the rights of the accused. The CHECKS & BALANCES are executed now to protect & secure my rights in the interest of freedom & Democracy.
Specifically, I was held in violation of Constitutional Law # 250.2 (4) which provides: Every Black Man has a right under the 14th Amendment to the Constitution U.S.C.A., that in the selection of jurors to pass on his life, liberty, or property, there shall (meaning must) be no exclusion of his race & no discrimination against them because of their color. Virginia v. Rives 100 U.S. 313.
The Courts motive was to cover-up the Federal Crime by Judge David Kiely & deny 10 million dollars upon my release from the illegal restraint on account of race, color, & National Origin. The crime is against the peace & dignity of the U.S. & is at war with Democracy because Slavery has been abolished.
The Supreme Court violates the Amendments which were placed in the Bill of Rights to protect the rights of Blacks. To keep it balanced, each Branch checks the actions of the other branches which justify my petition executing the Checks & Balances to restore those rights which have been violated by officials which are guaranteed under the Bill of Rights. The Checks & Balances must be acknowledged & respected immediately to secure these rights which have been denied under color of law.
The guarantee is something that assures a specific outcome, which in this case, should have been my freedom, where it not for dereliction of duty by Justices in the U.S. Supreme Court & 10 Million Dollars upon my release for the illegal imprisonment. The Checks & Balances are now used to remove the Felony from my record which was previously clean & award the money in case No. 04-7377 in default of the rights guaranteed under the Constitution of the U.S. to freedom, justice, equality, & the pursuit of happiness. The essentials to freedom & Democracy. Judge David Kiely, when told the Defendants rights under the Federal & State Constitution to a fair & impartial jury trial as mandated through the 14th Amendment, had been violated, he overrules Federal & State Constitutions. The 14th Amendment mandate, that race discrimination be eliminated from all official acts & proceedings of the State is most compelling in the judicial system. The Statutory prohibition in the selection of jurors enacted pursuant to the 14th Amendment enabling clause makes race neutrality in the jury selection a visible & inevitable measure of the judicial systems own commitment to the demands of the Constitution. Here the Act is directly related to the Judge, David Kiely's official duty where he overrules the State & Federal Constitution when the courts are under an affirmative duty to enforce the strong Statutory & Constitutional policies embodied in that prohibition. An illegal act by an office holder constitutes political corruption if the act is directly related to their official duties as demonstrated here. When the defects occurred the official failed to perform his Constitutional Duty- recognized by section 4 of the Civil Rights Act of March 1, 1875. Failing to get a cross section of the community & violating my rights under Federal & State Constitution to a fair & impartial jury as mandated throughout the 14th Amendment. THE 5TH AMENDMENT DUE PROCESS CLAUSE SAYS THE GOVERNMENT MUST OBEY THE LAW & TREAT ACCUSED PEOPLE FAIRLY. This is the unalienable right "all men are created equal" which cannot be seperated, as it was in this case. Government can no longer turn a deaf ear to me securing these guaranteed rights which were denied by government officials committing a crime pursuant to Title 18, sec. 243 to take my freedom.